Friday, July 30

Words mean stuff

Pesident Do-Little, started off (ended his vacation) his re-election campaign attacking Kerry in ways he should avoid (like the plague-Jackass).
Jul 30, 1:45 PM (ET)

By Adam Entous

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (Reuters) - President Bush sought to grab back the political spotlight from John Kerry on Friday by casting his Democratic rival as a man of few achievements and offering a bare-bones preview of his own second-term agenda.

"We're turning the corner and we're not turning back," Bush told cheering supporters on a rain-soaked ballpark in Springfield, Missouri, as he returned to the campaign trail a day after Kerry's televised Democratic National Convention speech.

What corner would that be, stupid git. More like "full speed ahead-shut up about that wall".
In his sharpest attack yet, Bush said Kerry had little to show for nearly 20 years in the U.S. Senate, including eight years on the Intelligence Committee. During that time, Bush said, Kerry had "no record of reforming" the intelligence services.
So what your most Humbleness forgot to mention, because you are so humble, is that you were "reforming the intelligence services" during that august vacation in 2001. You should have said so, now I'm listening.

Bush, who aides said slept rather than watch his rival's Democratic nomination acceptance speech to run against him in November, defended his actions in Iraq and warned: "If America shows uncertainty or weakness in this decade, the world will drift toward tragedy. This will not happen on my watch."

In his speech late on Thursday night, Kerry drew a sharp contrast between Bush's decision to invade Iraq based on faulty intelligence about the threat of weapons of mass destruction and his own promise that he would "ask the hard questions and demand hard evidence."

Slept, drank, played with himself, anything but watch his opponent. Could you please explain your definition of watch, and while your at it how about your definition of Tragedy. And does "on my watch" in any way relate to "Bin Laden determined to strike targets in the US". I may be wrong but when you are demanding that "hard evidence" are you goint to be employing thae scientific method, or is that anathema to your faith.
"When it comes to choosing a president, results matter," said Bush, who spent a week in self-imposed silence at his Texas ranch during the Democratic convention, which he summed up as a collection of "clever speeches" and "big promises."
I mean this shit just writes itself. Can you tell us a little something about "cleverness in speechifyin'" Oh and the big ole texas sized promises. WMD's Flowers in the streets, Occupation self paying machines. Do you really want to open that "results matter" can of worms?
"My opponent has good intentions. But intentions don't always translate into results. After 19 years in the United States Senate, my opponent has had thousands of votes but very few signature achievements," Bush said.
Them damn intentions, always paving a road to hell. Buddy (I am talking to the dog) I feel your pain. You are particularly well suited to speak on this with authority, but do you really......
Bush said, "Reform is not easy. Achieving reform requires taking on the special interests, requires challenging the status quo. It's not enough to advocate reform. You have to be able to get it done."
I can well imagine. It has to be made doubly more difficult, when the party you lead controls all branches of government and has done so during a majority of your time in office. I know we just need to give you another four years and I am sure that you will get around to that reform stuff. Thanks for the laughs Jackass.
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