Saturday, July 31

Something about Tucker part II

It is just smoke and mirrors with the wingnuts, all image no substance, all politics no policy.
I find it fascinating that they would try to make something out of a Kerry visit to NASA and a picture of him in a clean room suit. But then again we are dealing with the Kings of Image Manipulation (see Codpiece below). In the previous post we went after Carlson in one Crossfire episode, well there is more from the same, this time from the beginning of the show:
PAUL BEGALA, CO-HOST: Hello, everybody. Welcome for CROSSFIRE. The good old CNN Election Express is anchored alongside the USS Constipation just across the river from the FleetCenter, where tonight the whole country is fixing to fall in love with a first lady named Teresa and a senator named Obama.

TUCKER CARLSON, CO-HOST: Well, after last night's eye-glazing lectures by party has-beens, tonight's session promises the much more amusing, if not utterly hilarious lineup of Ted Kennedy, Howard Dean, Ron Reagan and Teresa Heinz Kerry. But, wait, there's more. We're also going to toss around some questions with Jerry Springer, who is a delegate from the state of Ohio.
If this beat is so dreadfully boring that you can barely be bothered to deal with the insignificance of the proceedings, why the fuck are you here.

But, first, the best political briefing in television, our CROSSFIRE "Political Alert."

Well, it's a fact of political life that politicians love to dress up in other people's clothing. Over the years, elected officials have been caught on film wearing helmets, cowboy hats, Indian headdresses, football jersey and, yes, flight suits. But, until yesterday, no elected official in the history of the United States had ever dressed up as a sperm. John Kerry has changed that, breaking the sperm barrier at an event in Florida Monday. During a trip to Cape Canaveral, Kerry donned what is known as a clean suit as he embarked on a crawling tour of the space shuttle Columbia. Unfortunately for him, a clean suit looks almost exactly like the sperm suit Woody Allen wore in " Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex But Were Afraid to Ask." Ouch.

So far, no one on the Kerry advance team has been fired, but that will change, and it should, because let's be honest. This story is a big deal, because if a man will dress up as a sperm in public, the question is, what won't he do?
Can I ask you a personal question Tuck, can I call you tuck, do you have any pictures of little tucker in your wallet? No I don't want to have a look. So according to you that a picture found its way to the media, Kerry should fire someone, because this story is a BIG DEAL, because if someone wants to check out a clean room containing the space shuttle, they kind of have to wear a clean room suit, which I believe doesn't come with a tail.

Given the enormous litany of fuckups made by the Bush administration, I am interested in two things: Has anyone been fired, I mean the carrier photo-op turned out to be a big blunder, by Bush? And if not, who do you think the president should get rid of? Just asking.