Tuesday, August 31

And you thought that Irony was dead

No it was just hamstrung. You gotta love it when gangbang Gropenator lavishes praise on the Dimwitted and Dissloute Dauphin. In an ap piece titled:
Schwarzenegger Praising Bush's Character

NEW YORK (AP) - California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger planned put his star power to work for President Bush on Tuesday, praising him for "perseverance, character and leadership" in a time of war and terror.

The Austrian bodybuilder-turned-Hollywood star and politician was to draw heavily on his own unique immigrant story to cast the GOP as a party of opportunity. "I want other people to get the same chances I did, the same opportunities," he says in excerpts of his prime-time speech to the Republican convention.

"And I believe they can. That's why I believe in this country, that's why I believe in this party and what's why I believe in this president," Schwarzenegger says.

"America is back," he says, a line reminiscent of his slogan from the "Terminator" movies: "I'll be back."