Friday, August 27

Six degrees of preparation H

Check out the happenings at the Eschaton, pointed to Tbogg who was pleased to bring us World net Daily takedown of my favorite little pony, Michelle Malkin, which is fun by the way. And then on the same page I discover that the Nut has the most recent "What He said is related to something she may have said at some time swift goat 'ropin' progam to say what ever unka Karls wants us to say distraction activities, so that we can be steered away from any substantive discussion like the anemic economy, the Iraqi shitstorm "what, that ole thing" while the vindictive pussified bitch bush, for whom it is a miraculous day when he can make it from subject to verb without having another bike wreck, plays around with his toy soldiers.

As an aside to other bloggerians out there, save your posts early and often-that is all