Saturday, August 28

Cats, Gifts, The Boomers, and Big Pharma

Nothing like the gift of a headless bunny carcass to clean up, first thing in the morning (i'm looking at you Bean). Thanks sweetie, I know you meant well. Bean is the smallest of our six feline overlords and the most accomplished killer of the bunch, maybe its the thumbs (she's got six 'fingers' on each of her forepaws), maybe an impossible to quench bloodlust, or maybe she is just being sweet.

I am happy that as a kid, I wasn't assaulted by the variety of drug company commercials that we get to enjoy today. Between "four hour erection" pills, acid reflux medication, and any number of commercials hawking products for unstated medical conditions usualy imploring viewers to "ask your doctor about", and my new favorite, featuring various middle aged people pulling their shirts off in celebration of a successful treatment of psoriasis. Back in my day when you got old you got geritol. I never had the opportunity to ask my mother what a side effect was, what anal leakage, was, or any of the other curious possibilities that the super speed talker mentions at the end of some of these ads.

I can only imagine what my curious young mind would have thought about the litany of age associated ill's waiting to jump me down the road. Is it just me or is the world a much scarier place to live in now. Mean while take a trip over to World o' Crap and enjoy a mothers love. Thanks to mr Black.