Friday, August 6

Hiroshima redux

The mayor of Hiroshima, had some advice for Dear Leaderâ„¢ :
The Mayor of Hiroshima, Tadatoshi Akiba, marked the 59th anniversary of the first atomic bomb attack yesterday with an attack on the United States for its pursuit of next-generation nuclear weapons, and called for a ban on nuclear arms by 2020.

"The egocentric world view of the US Government is reaching extremes," Mr Akiba said at a service in the city's Peace Memorial Park.

"Ignoring the United Nations and international law, the United States has resumed research to make nuclear weapons smaller and more 'usable'," he said.

In June the US Senate approved spending for the Bush Administration's research into - but not development of - new nuclear bunker buster and mini-nuclear warheads.

Before Mr Akiba spoke, a bell pealed at 8.15am yesterday - marking the time when the US A-bomb levelled the city, 690 kilometres south-west of Tokyo.

Tens of thousands of survivors, residents, visitors and officials from around the world remembered the bombing victims by observing a minute's silence. Afterwards, 1000 doves were released.

In brief remarks, the Prime Minister, Junichiro Koizumi, reaffirmed Japan's policy banning the production, possession and transport of nuclear weapons within its borders.

Hiroshima city added to a list - encased in a stone cenotaph - 5142 names of those who have died from cancer and other long-term ailments over the past year, raising the toll to 237,062.
Whats the point of Nukes if you cant use them. I hope that this research results in the development of firecracker sized nukes that we can fire off during the fourth of July. I'm thinking that that would be beyond cool.