Monday, August 16

Zombie Armies of Compassion

The Dauphin unleashed the latest from the campaign platitude factory.
"We will all be better off as we continue to rally the armies of compassion," he said. "The strength of this country is in the hearts and souls of our citizens. If you really think about it, you don't find it in the halls of government. You find it in the hearts of people."

It was that kind of from-the-heart style that brought cousins Andrea and Kara Compton of Eugene to the event.

"I think he's an honest man and he has principles and he does what he believes and he doesn't flip-flop on the issues," said Andrea Compton, a senior at the University of Oregon.

Armies of Compassion? Does there weoponry include "Fear, Suprise, and a fanatical devotion to the Pope? Or have the M1A1 tanks been fitted with hug dispensing units? If ms Compton can show me a universe where principle and Dubya intersect, I'll show you a universe about to implode.

The rubes still fall prey to the siren song of this snakeoil salesman:
Others shared the feeling that the country is stronger with Bush as president. Lisa Michaels, an alternate delegate to the Republican convention, came to the event with her children and a "Flush the Johns" sign and said former President Bill Clinton never took action when terrorists bombed the USS Cole, the World Trade Center in 1993 or overseas embassies during his term.

"Bush takes action and Clinton doesn't, and I don't think Kerry would either," she said. Bush "wants to protect the country."
This is clearly a Fox news viewer but she at least has three words right "I don't think" Really cool sign you got there Lisa, clever, but not too clever, you wouldn't want anyone to think that you were and eletist now would ya. On another stop this time in Iowa bush trots out his favorite pet theme of the campaign - that it is ridiculous to believe you can tax the rich because the accountants have money cloaking devices.
"We've still got about 80 days to go in this campaign, and the fellow I'm running against has already made about $2.2 trillion of new promises," Bush said.

"And so I said, 'Well, how are you going to pay for it?' And he said, 'Oh, don't worry, we'll tax the rich.'

"You've heard that rhetoric before, haven't you? It's why the rich have got accountants. Figure out how he can't tax them."
Hardehardeharhar, You just know that the last line was delivered as a joke. Dear leader sure is funny. Georgie just makes promises he has no intention of keeping, mandates that he has no intention of funding, and just grabs any stray 2.2 trillion dollars that aren't bolted down to hand out to his friends. Thats governatin my friends.