Tuesday, September 7

Bush is a Coward and like his Father, a wimp

Seems like bunnypants is afeared to debate Kerry. AWWWWWWWWwwwww does georgie have a boobooo. Watch the weasel squirm. What a freakin crybaby. Maybe his Mommy can help him or Karen, since most of the time he pulls the most amazing of pathetic little tastics, of wussies everywear, hiding behind Mommy, or the nearest skirt available. "Don't let that big man Kerry hurt me" You sir, are a disgrace to the Office, and to the Country

Sir, has your manhood shrinked beyond the ability to view it without a microscope. So we are looking at having debates about the debates, who is the new flack catcher, Moleman? That old guy on the Simpsons show, he's the pointman for your alliance of cowardice. Dude if you can't stand the heat get the fuck out of the kitchen.