Tuesday, September 14

Can we stop torturing 14 year old's Please.

Well it seems like that toolkit for torture developed to maximise information gathering at Gitmo is continuing it's tour of the war on terror. After stops in Afghanistan, undisclosed cia holding pens in Iraq and a sellout tour of Abu Ghraib, It is apparently headlining in Mosul. No, this shit is not in the least bit funny, but I have to diffuse my anger somehow. Basically we are still Sodomising children, and it looks like "a few bad apples have spoilt the entire bushel. From Reuters.
Tue 14 September, 2004 13:34

By Peter Graff

LONDON (Reuters) - A British lawyer says he has uncovered evidence that U.S. troops mistreated detainees in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, suggesting abuse has spread far beyond the notorious Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad.

Phil Shiner sent Reuters statements by two Iraqis who said they were hooded, stripped naked, beaten and doused with cold water at lengthy torture sessions in a place called "the disco" because of loud Western music constantly blasted at detainees.

One said he had seen a 14-year-old boy bleeding from his anus. The other said he was threatened with sexual assault.

The allegations appear to be the first reports of abuse in Mosul. Washington has acknowledged detainees were abused at Abu Ghraib, and Shiner is leading a case on behalf of Iraqis who say they were mistreated by British forces in Basra. Three Iraqi staff working for Reuters say they were beaten and sexually humiliated by U.S. troops near Falluja in January.

Has all the torture and sodomy actually provided us with any reliable information, or has it inflamed passions in the muslim world to the degree that we will never be rid of the problem of islamic terrorism. And any of you out there who have no problem with torture done in your name, please get off your ass and down to a recruiting station immediately, "unkle Sam wants You!"

A U.S. military spokesman for detainee operations in Iraq said in Baghdad that he was unaware of the allegations. "I am surprised by them," he said. "I have visited that facility up there and I've seen the good work that they've been doing."

In the statements provided by Shiner, Haitham Saeed al-Mallah, an engineer, said he was brought to "the disco" where "they left me standing for hours, handcuffed and hooded".

"Then I was kicked very hard in the stomach, which was followed by continuous beating with a stick and with their boots until I fell unconscious. I only woke up after they poured over my head very cold water."

He said he was then abused in groups with other detainees, forced to carry out exhausting exercises and beaten or doused with cold water whenever they fell to the floor. They were not permitted to use the toilet and allowed only two hours sleep.

"I saw a young man of 14 years of age bleeding from his anus and lying on the floor. He was Kurdish and his name was Hama. I heard the soldiers talking to each other about this guy. They mentioned that the reason for this bleeding was inserting a metal object in his anus," he said.


The other alleged Mosul victim, Yasir Rubaii Saeed al-Qutaji, was described as an Iraqi lawyer investigating reports of abuse at "the disco" when he was arrested.

After a day and a night forced into stress positions and doused with cold water at "the disco", he was taken to a regular prison. Staff and interrogators there treated him properly at night, but allowed the same "disco team" to abuse him by day. He was threatened with sexual assault on his final day.

"The only reason he was detained was that he was working on documenting these cases of torture, at this prison and the Americans then went and detained him," Shiner said.

The U.S. government has said abuse of prisoners in Iraq was mainly confined to a few rogue soldiers at Abu Ghraib.

I guess I should consider the source of the allegation of metal-objects-causing- bleeding-anus on 14 year old Kurdish man
. That sand nigger is just lying to make us look bad. That 14 year old kid could not have had a flashlight shoved up his ass cause we would never do anything like that. And if the kid was in custody, he probably was opposed to his liberation and deserved to stand around naked in "stress positions", not alowed to sleep and have buckets of cold water poured all over him. Hell, his father is probably the leader of the "dead end gang". I am glad above all else that our respected media (liberal though it is) will keep this "propaganda" off the front pages, and off the air.