Monday, September 13

This guy should not be elected

This senate candidate from Oklahoma is a doctor who has not only performed abotrtions in the past, but now believes that the death penalty should be applied to doctors who perform legal abortions now. of course after we get rid of Roe V Wade. Welcome to the Theocracy and meet Tom Coburn, Born again jackass, who wants to shred the constitution and install Leviticus as law of the land. Which gets me thinking about some of the nutbars in positions of power, and whether they really were truthfull when they took the oath of office, specifically the "defend the constitution" part, and whether they were just lying out of their lie holes. Oh and one more thing, Dr Coburn sterilized a 20 year old woman against her will. My guess she was a lesbian, or less than white, lets see what Salon has dug up for our consumption.

Medicine man
The future of GOP control of the Senate depends on Oklahoma Republican candidate Tom Coburn, a former doctor who has covered up a scandal from his past until now.

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For Coburn, the imminent danger facing America is apparently not terrorism but the "gay agenda." His thumping about this menace within contributed to the pressure that led to Bush's endorsement of a constitutional amendment to outlaw gay marriage. At a Republican meeting this spring, Coburn warned: "The gay community has infiltrated the very centers of power in every area across this country, and they wield extreme power ... That agenda is the greatest threat to our freedom that we face today. Why do you think we see the rationalization for abortion and multiple sexual partners? That's a gay agenda."

Ah yes that gay boogie man. I have several close friends that happen to be gay and live within a block and a half of me. One lives alone and is an artist, the other two are in a commited long term relationship. I happen, by dint of birth, to be a heterosexual, and I will hapilly share with you the gay agenda. They want to be left alone to live quiet and peaceful lives like the rest of us. They are no danger to you, me, or your children, they are in danger from occasional harrasment, queer bashing, and existential predjudice, by bible thumping homophobes like Coburn who should never get anywhere near the reins of power. I'll go so far as to say that those that protest homosexuality the loudest may not be completely comfortable in their hetero lives, in other words latent homosexuals are the most violent opponents of homosexual rights. Coburn probably got a hard-on in the highschool lockerroom and is living a lie. On to a little medicare fraud shall we go:

According to records obtained by Salon, Coburn filed an apparently fraudulent Medicaid claim in 1990, which he admitted in his own testimony in a civil malpractice suit brought against him 14 years ago by a former female patient. The suit alleged that Coburn had sterilized her without her consent. It eventually was dismissed after the plaintiff failed to appear for the trial. In his sworn testimony, Coburn admitted he sterilized the then 20-year-old woman without securing her written consent as required by law. He blamed the omission on a clerical error, but maintained that he had her oral consent for the procedure. (Salon has been unable to contact the woman and is withholding her name out of respect for her privacy.) Coburn also revealed under oath that he had charged the procedure to Medicaid -- despite knowing that Medicaid, also known as Title 19, does not cover the cost of sterilization for anyone under age 21.

Not sure we'll find out the reason for the performance of this procedure, but what is clear is that he committed fraud. May have given him a reason to pursue a political career.

Coburn was swept into Congress as a member of the Republican class of 1994 that gained control of the House for the first time in 40 years and installed Newt Gingrich as speaker. "He really drank the Kool-Aid with the class of '94; he was one of the real far-right guys," says Kenneth Hicks, a political science professor at Rogers State University in Claremore, Okla.

"He's a principled, pompous member," said a senior Republican staffer turned lobbyist. "He's one of those '94 guys, and there were a certain percentage of them who were so anti-system that they don't want to play the game. And from a leadership perspective and a lobbyist perspective, we don't like those kind of people ... He's going to be a frickin' nightmare in the Senate [if he wins]."

Par for the course for someone who feels he only has to answer to a higher law. Red baiting, Kool-aid embibing member of the class of '94. Looks like he's game to shut the system down. These guys don't want to govern in the traditional way, they want to govern by fiat. Bottom line, if there is a republican lobbyist that is alarmed, could someone get builcding me that bomb shelter and viet cong style network of tunnels, so I can hide or get the fuck out of dodge if these guys get power. Oh Jesus, the other shoe is about to drop.

As far right as Coburn is on fiscal issues, he is even farther right on social issues. "I favor the death penalty for abortionists and other people who take life," he told the Associated Press in July. Last week, he told the Hugo [Okla.] Daily News: "We need someone who will speak morally on the issues and not run from the criticism of the national press ... We need to have moral clarity about our leaders. I have a 100 percent pro-life record. I don't apologize for saying we need to protect the unborn. Do you realize that if all those children had not been aborted, we wouldn't have any trouble with Medicare and Social Security today? That's another 41 million people."
Can we just set up another country for these theocratic idiots to run there vision of moral rectitude. And rule number one, we will not allow immigration for any members of the population that choose to move to that country. You made your stinking bed now lie in it. The last sentence is just the stuff that dreams are made of. Wow no abortions no social security problems. I'm thinking that we might have considerable more intransigent unemployment problems and a whole lot more people without health insurance, but thats just this armchair pundit talking. I hope we are done with the horrific position points. Oh for the love of god there is more. For the sake of your stomach and mine, this will be a two part post.
At a House subcommittee meeting on the Safe Drinking Water Act in 1996, which heard testimony on the danger of the parasite cryptosporidium, which had killed 104 and sickened 400,000 in Milwaukee in 1993 and killed 19 in Las Vegas in 1994, Coburn displayed his expertise as a doctor. The lethal spores, he held forth, "can sometimes ... be very helpful -- for doctors -- because it helps us identify those people who in fact are immuno-compromised."
And just exactly what are we gonna do with these people that are helpfully identified as immuno-compromised, send them packing off to a concentration club somewhere.
Is it just me or is this a thinly veiled euphamism for Aids. Jeebus H Christ is this guy actually on the edge of advocating some form of "controlled" testing? To finish with part one we see that hypocracy meets hyperbole and well, does not look pretty. Remember his earlier case of fraud? Then dig this.
Medical fraud has been one of Coburn's signature issues. In his freshman term, he introduced the Health Care Anti-Fraud Act of 1995, which focused mainly on Medicare fraud but also touched on Medicaid. Speaking on the House floor on behalf of a Republican Medicare bill that year, Coburn said, "Our goal is to eliminate fraud and abuse. The way we do that is to make sure we change the expectation of those who are defrauding and abusing; that we, in fact, will catch them. If we change that expectation, then we will limit greatly the amount of people, and number of people, who attempt to defraud."
Pot meet kettle. Yeah all we really have to do is change the expectations. Cause if the doctors think they might get caught fleecing the government. And quite frankly as one who has fleeced the system himself he would be uniquely qualified to suggest how to change those expectations. Feel free to read the rest, and if you do feel free to come back over in a couple hours for the Value Added Content that I will have waiting for you. We will start with the case of the sterilization gone wrong. Till then Toodles.