Sunday, September 12

Texan for Truth

over at the Blogging of the President, Glenn Smith founder of the group "Texans for truth" claims that more allegations about Bush's spotty National guard record are soon to drop. This is good news but it was the end of his piece that gave me pause and hope.

But I want to touch on an element of my journey into the media sphere that I found poignant, but frightening. Each time I left a TV studio, several workers would stop me. I don't know their jobs (they weren't suits). But they had seen me on their monitors or heard what I had to say. Each whispered their congratulations, thanked me for speaking out, and talked about it taking courage to do so. Something is terribly wrong with this picture.

Here are Americans afraid to talk above a whisper when expressing a political opinion. Here are Americans who believe it takes courage to speak against a president.

I appeared Friday at a bookstore event for my new book, The Politics of Deceit: Saving Freedom and Democracy from Extinction. I urged people to speak from their heart. They asked me to speak from mine. I told them that in the coming progressive America, no one will be afraid to speak their political opinions loudly. I never want to hear such whispers again.

I would characterise the above as unbelievable, but unfortunately, it is all too believable. This is probably the most damning example of a media in thrall with GOP and corporate interests. That employees are afraid to voice opposition opinions and whisper unsolicited congratulations is indictment indeed. It also tells me that there are too many afraid to speak, but that if they speak with their vote in November, there is no doubt in my feeble mind that we are going to win. Buck up folks, they want us to despair, discourage us, they want to erect an aristochracy and know that we are in the way. Don't fall victim to these ploys. Embrace the coming landslide.