Friday, September 24

Compassion in Action

A vagrant was left to die by South African Perimedics, who apparently were unaware that they were being videotaped. Unbelievable.
An investigation has been launched after paramedics allegedly left a homeless man in Johannesburg to die because he was dirty.

Images of the man in the gutter and his cursory examination by paramedics were captured on security cameras.

South Africa's Health Minister expressed shock at what she said appeared to be appalling conduct.

"We should ensure that such an incident never happens again in this country," said Manto Tshabalala-Msimang.
They called an ambulance which arrived shortly afterwards, but after conducting a brief investigation the paramedics, wearing surgical gloves, moved the man to a nearby wall and left him there.

They stayed approximately five minutes.

According to the guards, they were told that the paramedics would not let the man into their ambulance because he was "too dirty and stank".

He died a few hours later- from what the authorities say was natural causes.

Maybe the Republicans can find these guys a job.