Monday, September 6

George, This Blood is on your hands.

Was gonna try to keep things light around here today, but found out that there are now seven families for whom labor day will never again be cause for celebration.

Via Atrios. Story here.

The management of the war and occupation has been a study in incompetance. From shutting out any dissenting voices with legitimate reasons for examing worst case scenarios, to selling the fraud as an easy, quick and clean, greeted with flowers, pay for itself occupation. We were swindled, and now that the Iraqi Pooch has been screwed in every way imaginable, Our Precious, young men and women, are paying the last full measure of devotion, and there is no end in sight.

The lack of shame exhibited by the administration and its sycophantic following, continues to add insult to injury. What do you bet that we hear nothing from the fine representatives of the fourth estate, who now chooses to pretend that the occupation
is over. We sustained 1100 casualties in August, the highest single monthe since we showed up a couple in March 2003. We have lost 11 soldiers this month alone.

George, you should hang your head in shame. This was an optional war, that you were apparently hellbent on waging during that december of impatience to see if yet another cushy job had been provided to you by family connections. You sir, are a miserable failure, and the lack of any accountability from you or any of the achitects of this failure, demonstrate that you are unfit to lead. If there was an scintilla of shame in your being, you would resign. Effective immediately. Happy Labor Day President.