Sunday, September 5

Is Bush still Drinking.

I'll have to wait for the transcripts from whatever show Matalin was flapping her jaws on today, but it seems that she let drop, in a possible attempt to inocculate dear leader, that she was hearing rumors of this attack. Feel free to help me out. More unsubstaniated updates as they come in.


Mark Kleiman
has this to say about a Susan Estrich article, and on the main page more about potential attack strategies. Time to take the gloves off and start giving the wimps (I am looking at you George) a little tast of their own medicine. Head on over to his place and check it out. Heads up from politus.

Well, you can't say Bush and Rove didn't ask for it.

Bush's return to drinking is apparently common knowledge in DC, though it seems unlikely anyone will talk on the record.

The abortion story is old news, but seemed to be solid, at least by Swift Boat standards: the woman in question denies it, but the two then-friends who drove her to the (illegal) abortion mill have supposedly signed affidavits.

It's Stevenson's challenge to Nixon: if you don't stop telling lies about us, we're going to have to start telling the truth about you. Bush has been asked politely, and he hasn't. Now it's our turn.

From Susan Estrich

Will it be the three, or is it four or five, drunken driving arrests that Bush and Cheney, the two most powerful men in the world, managed to rack up?

After Vietnam, nothing is ancient history, and Cheney is still drinking. What their records suggest is not only a serious problem with alcoholism, which Bush but not Cheney has acknowledged, but also an even more serious problem of judgment.

What if Bush were to fall off the wagon? Then what? Has America really faced the fact that we have an alcoholic as our president?

Or how about Dead Texans for Truth, highlighting those who served in Vietnam instead of the privileged draft-dodging president, and ended up as names on the wall instead of members of the Air National Guard.

Or maybe it will be Texas National Guardsmen for Truth, who can explain exactly what George W. Bush was doing while John Kerry was putting his life on the line. Perhaps with money on the table, or investigators on their trail, we will learn just what kind of wild and crazy things the president was doing while Kerry was saving a man's life, facing enemy fire and serving his country.

Or could it be George Bush's Former Female Friends for Truth. A forthcoming book by Kitty Kelley raises questions about whether the president has practiced what he preaches on abortion. As Larry Flynt discovered, a million dollars loosens lips. Are there others to be loosened?