Sunday, September 12

Meanwhile in the victory that is Afghanistan.

Good thing all those afghani women are enjoying all that freedom related school attendance activities, that pickles spoke to us in gushing terms during the RNC.
Afghan Protesters Burn UN Offices in Herat; At Least 7 Reported Killed

Protests in the western Afghan city of Herat have turned deadly Sunday, as hundreds of demonstrators ransacked and set fires at United Nations offices.

Hospital sources say at least seven people have been killed and dozens more wounded. The identity of the victims was unclear, but officials told the Reuters news agency that police and soldiers fired at the protesters. A U-N official confirmed that staff had fled to a secured position.

The demonstrations follow the replacement of provincial governor Ismail Khan, a powerful warlord. President Hamid Karzai offered the governor a post in the central government, which Mr. Khan refused.

Things are going swimmingly in Afghanikitty, these days. Doctors without borders bolted from the scene a couple of months ago, and Kharzai is only nominally in control of Kabul. The rest of the country is in the hands of the Taliban and warlords. The UN is hanging out in it's hidey hole, and all this adds up to Victory.