Wednesday, September 15

Memo's who cares, Delay shut your piehole

Tom Delay, congressional ballbuster, rule breaker and abuser of his power in violation of his oath to protect and defend the constitution has got to shut the Fuck up.

On Tuesday, House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, R-Texas, called on CBS News to say where it got the memos.

"I understand that people want to protect their sources, but we're dealing with the alleged forgery of government documents to influence a presidential race during war," DeLay told reporters. "This isn't politics as usual. It's dangerous and possibly criminal."

Excuse me Fucknuts Delay, have you no fucking shame. How about you can have the source of these documents when Novak releases the source of alleged traitor who released the identity of an undercover CIA operative, or how about when Cheney releases his energy task force records. Don't you have a couple ethics violations waiting for your ass on a docket or two to take care of.

I am pissed because I have to spend some time now taking a look (and it will be a short one I assure you) at this memo-gate. I could give a rats ass if they are not authentic, I have no idea, and in my opinion non of this matters, as the content is not under question.

Bush refused to obey a direct order to show up for a physical. Bush weaseled his way into and out of the guard, using his connections to jump ahead of the line and using the same connections to keep his ass out of the fire when he decided he had had enough. The man simply lacks the honor to admit that he played the system. Trying to hide behind his honorable discharge, when they seem to hand them out like candy at a bank. Remember the DC sniper? After a couple of times AWOL and a couple of stints in the brig, recieved an honorable discharge. Two simple questions George, (and if any member of the press who has access and happens to be feeling guilty about selling out to the devil, feel free to ask them yourself).

Why did you refuse the order to take the physical?

How many times have you been arrested?