Thursday, September 16

Redheaded "kicks a woman while she's on the ground" Thug outed.

And the identifying picture is quickly cropped down the memory hole. This was first mentioned by Talk Left, Jesus's General weighed in, and Atrios pointed me to a post by Julian at Hit and Run. Here is a still from the original video which also links to said video.

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he's the fetching cat at left

notice the difference?

Here is the front page including the above newly cropped photo from The National Tax Payers Union. You see the phote above was on the page (our friend was an intern for this right wing can't tax the rich advocacy group). Near as I can tell they Stalined&trade his ass out of the photo when this patriot was identified. Still waiting on a name though. Thanks to Atrios for being sharp enough to actually copy the Photo rather than link it from the site. I have done the same so If any one want's an original, let me know.