Wednesday, September 15

The Excuse Presidency

Kerry comes out swinging and tosses a little meat to the base.

At that convention in New York the other week, President Bush talked about his ownership society. Well Mr. President, when it comes to your record, we agree – you own it.

Of course, the President would have us believe that his record is the result of bad luck, not bad decisions. That he’s faced the wrong circumstances, not made the wrong choices. In fact, this President has created more excuses than jobs. His is the Excuse Presidency: Never wrong, Never Responsible, Never to Blame. President Bush’s desk isn’t where the buck stops – it’s where the blame begins. He’s blamed just about everyone but himself and his administration for America’s economic problems. And if he’s missed you, don’t worry – he’s still got 48 days left until the election.

He sure has a lot of excuses, but you know what? Of the last eleven presidents – many who faced war and recession – George Bush is the only one to actually lose jobs on his watch.

Right on John, keep it coming. The coward (hiding behind skirts is a way of life) in chief, can't run on afghanistan (Economic boom thanks to heroin trade) or Iraq (can you say "Screwed Pooch Walking") Or national Security (uhm george the ports, and taking a failure [9/11 happened on yur watch-"bin Laden determined to strike america"] and trying to make it an accomplishment, well thats just stupid) the Economy (net loss of jobs, more people without health insurance) Health care (the medicare bill was more of a big Pharma welfare plan, than an attempt to realistically deal with the ballooning costs of prescription medicine). Two and a half years with no real opposition (your party controls all branches of government), and a compliant media, all the tax cuts and wars you wanted and you left the place a bigger mess than when you got here.

Sir, If you had shown any sense of decency or shame, you would probably have been an effective president. If you had not taken the ball that was handed to you by the supreme court and run screaming to the far right, like you had any kind of mandate, you might have been an effective president. If you had simply finished the job in Afghanistan, Brought Osama and Omar to justice, you would be riding a wave of popularity to likely re-election, but no, you had to follow the lemming neocons off the cliff to optional war. You can't even find your damn heart for gods sakes. Prepare to take your beatin' like a man.