Wednesday, September 1

The Rude one goes off on the Gropenfuhrer

Give the guy some material and lets just say that as fast as you can say "you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear" He does exactly that. Go check out the "Terminator vs the Bush Women." Now. Hurry.
Christ, what a load of crap that fake demi-man exploded onto the crowd of slavering white people at Madison Square Garden last night. When he proudly announced his life as an average American immigrant story, maybe somewhere a Guatemalan maid who works on a cash basis in an Atlanta mansion was mopping up the kitchen and could hear the harshly accented California governor from the TV in the entertainment room. Maybe a little radio played Herr Governor's words out into the fields of Mexican maquiladoras picking corn in Indiana. Maybe a group of Haitian workers could listen through the din of the steam in the laundries of Brooklyn. Maybe from sea to shining sea all the non-white immigrants could hear Schwarzenegger's words and for a moment believe the bright, glittering lie that supporting Republicans is the only way to success. Then their bosses would order them back to work or be put out on the street. Man, the desperate exploitative steps a rich fascist will take to protect his tax cuts.

Meanwhile, the Bush Twins, Jenna and Barbara, demonstrated for the world to see that they are destined for coked out oblivion, being fuck puppets for celebrity boys who wanna tell their posses they had presidential pussy, and deep, long-term therapy to deal with the scars of being so complicit in their own whoredom. When Jenna said that it was time for "payback" for being "embarassed" by their parents, God, didn't you hope against hope that some synapse would flare up in her brain and she'd say, "Holy fucking shit, there was the night Daddy came home, blasted out of his mind on Peruvian blow and tequila and chased me around wearing nothing but a cowboy hat and boots and a raging hard-on, screaming, 'Daddy loves you, Daddy loves you, you got a lovin' Daddy,' and Mom had to pull out a rifle and tell him to put his pants on or she was gonna call Grandma and then Daddy collapsed by the pool, pissing himself and screaming, 'Mama's gonna beat me somethin' fierce' before he vomited down his chest and all over the Spanish tile and when he started bleeding out of his nose, Mom called Grandpa, who sent over his private ambulance, the one on-call for just this emergency, to take Daddy to the hospital to pump him with adrenaline so he didn't go into a coma and embarass everyone. Again."