Monday, September 6

Now with Haloscan

You may or may not have seen it but some time ago I wrote of my inability to leave shit unmodified.
I am by nature a hack's hacker. If it can be opened up, I'm like "where's the screwdriver?" If it can be opened up fixed, modified or just plain poked around in, I'm there. While unlike Sheryl Crow and other artists who claim that stealing their music via download, would result in a lack of motivation to continue making music (yeah right, you made music before your ass got filthy rich, and you would likely have continued if you never had, so I'm not buying that shit) I am likely to keep humming along on this blog feedback or no feedback. But in the off chance that visitors have been reluctant to leave comments in blogger, I now have haloscan for your commenting pleasure.

My sinking suspicion is that this blog's content fails the sniff test, and as a result most of you run screaming in another direction so quickly, as to leave barely discernable skidmarks on your way out the door. I can live with that. There are a great number of fantastic blogs covering basically the same territory, many of which have served as inspiration for this one.

As it may take some time for me to sort out the issues I am having, if any haloscan guru happens to get temporarily stuck in this Tar pit, and has any ideas how to put the new fangle haloscan comments at the bottom of the post, replacing the blogger comments, I would greatly appreciate any input. We might even be able to arrange a quid pro quo, as I have some rather esoteric skills that may be useful to you.

In any event, enjoy your Labor day and best regards to you and yours.