Wednesday, October 13

Democratic Headquarters Burgled in Toledo

What can you do when faced with the uneasy feeling that the leader of your cult is about to be shown the curb. I gues you could vandalize of break into the opposition headquarters and steal things.
The Lucas County Democratic Headquarters was burglarized overnight, and three computers, including the party’s main system, were stolen.

The computers contained highly sensitive information, including the party’s financial information, names and personal phone numbers of hundreds of party members, candidates, and volunteers.

The computers also stored e-mails from candidates that included discussion about campaign strategy.
A second computer, belonging to an attorney-volunteer working to ensure voters’ rights, also was taken, officials said. The headquarters on 1817 Madison Avenue does have an alarm system that volunteers believed they set late Monday when they left.

However, it apparently wasn’t tripped during the night. Workers arriving about 7:30 a.m. yesterday noticed the back window had been shattered and called police.
If I remember correctly no republican has been elected to the presidency without a victory in the state of Ohio. The desparation is palpable, they are terrified of losing Ohio. They know that they are close to setting up their dream of a United States of Fascishtan and know if they lose, then all that hard work will slip down the drain. Too many people are awake to Rove's game and so it will be president one and done just like the father.