Monday, October 18

Don't Worry, you won't die, maybe. Just relax

Health and Human services Sock Puppet, Tommy Thompson tells seniors to relax about the Flu shot shortage. Just take it easy, don't wait in long lines and please don't die, as that might cost us some votes.
TAMPA, Fla. (AP) - U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson said Monday there will be enough flu vaccine available for most people who need it and told seniors to stop standing in long lines to get a shot.

"We want people to relax," Thompson said at a news conference in Tampa. "The flu season is not here."[yet]

Seniors have been standing in long lines at shopping plazas around the country to get flu shot since news of a shortage surfaced this month. British regulators shut down shipments from Chiron Corp. (CHIR), which had made millions of flu shots in an English factory for the U.S. market.

That cut the U.S. supply of flu shots almost in half.

Thompson said flu vaccine will be reallocated to parts of the country where it is needed most. Most at risk to have severe complications from the flu are seniors and young children.

"We don't want people to stand in line," he said. "We want them to understand that if you are a senior, there is a good possibility you will get a vaccine."

He advised people to first seek the shot from their doctor or a clinic. If that fails, they should contact the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, he said.
Talk is cheap, talk is all these guys do. Words are better than action, so just go back to watching whatever it is on TV and don't hold us accountable for hedging our bets on a single supplier. Meanwhile bush claims that a bunch of funding will be made available for Fatherland Security. In othernews Tax cuts = Revenue = Money Growing Trees.
US President George W Bush will return to his central election campaign theme of the war on terror on Monday.

He will authorise $33bn in funding for homeland security at the White House, before what aides say will be a major speech in New Jersey on terrorism.

Is this going to be a major speech on terrorism, or are we looking at a repeat of last weeks "major speech" which was the standard stump speech that made the networks covering it looke like the tools they have been for the last ten years.