Saturday, October 2

Republicans for Kerry

For those of you with Republican friends that have become dismayed with Fearless "as long as it ain't a horse, or honest journalist" Leader, in general, or had the glazed knocked off of their eyes, by his dismal performance in the debate, there is a place to find arguments and a comunity. When one's faith is broken, it is nice to know you have company. Republicans for Kerry has both. Some examples follow.
...This is also to say that the "moral majority" types that seem to have stolen away control away from the Republican party would and should make a clean break from mainstream politics and form their own party with the clear intention of making this country a theocracy....----pabella3

...Though I'm strongly pro-life and moderately against gay marriage, I've tired of them being federal election issues. I believe that too many Christians want to simply outlaw everything that's in conflict with their belief system so they don't have to teach their children the icky details of life, or influence their society for the better....----Dan Rakowski
Now Dan, I like Dan
I was going to stick with Bush this Fall, despite a hundred logical reasons not to, because he is our Commander in Chief during a very difficult war and very trying times.

But I woke up this morning at 2:30 am, and couldn't get back to sleep... I did a lot of thinking. Here's what I was willing to forgive, up to this point, in relation to our president's shortcomings:

I was willing to forgive Bush's attitude toward toward the environment -- I figured 8 years wasn't enough time to make things much worse. I was wrong.

I was willing to forgive how he screwed up estate tax law with no consideration given to the big picture, so badly that it backfired on the state level -- just to make political points.
I was willing to forgive the fact that he didn't win the popular vote -- I got a kick out of seeing democrats so angry.

I was willing to forgive -- just barely -- the fact that he was going to misuse a constitutional convention to EXCLUDE rights from a group of Americans.
Lets allow the other shoe to drop, if the last bit had not established his "cred"
I was willing to forgive these huge deficits -- we're at war, and they're only temporary, right?

But I am not willing to forgive his hairbrained scheme to wreck the financial planning industry while simultaneously lowering tax receipts with his poorly conceived RSA (retirement savings account) proposal.

My protest vote goes to Kerry.
There's boatloads more and I haven't read it all, but if you need help you may find it here.