Tuesday, November 23

The Brits Stop Terrorist (9/11 style) Plot

This might be what happens when you have a real intelligence infrastructure...Check that, when you allow your intelligence community to do the job they were paid to do, which is to protect the security of the contry and not a party's consolidation of power. From Yahoo.
Mon Nov 22, 6:39 PM ET

LONDON (AFP) - British security services have foiled an Al-Qaeda plot to fly planes into targets in London in a September 11-style attack, Britain's independent ITV News network reported.

"This is the story of what could have been a nightmare averted," said ITV's political editor Nick Robinson. "A story not of failure, but of success."

"That, at least, is what I am told by a senior authoritative source who says that the security services managed to avert a plot to fly planes into Canary Wharf here, and also into Heathrow Airport," he said.

"I simply do not know the details of how they found out, how they stopped it, how close the plot got, but I am in no doubt that this was a genuine feeling on the behalf of those in the security services that they had managed to foil a plot and make us safer," he added.

ITV News confirmed to AFP that their journalist's "non-attributable source" was in "the arena" of the security services or government, but would not be specific.

Britain's Home Office and London's Metropolitan Police declined to comment on the report.
Well thats some damn fine news, hopefully it was not a feint. Now of course the cynic needs to step up and suggest that there is a whole lot of detail missing from this picture, and so It could all be one big fat lie. I imagine that the average british citizen does not need a window installed in their abdomen, as they do not have their heads so far up their asses.

Now as I orignally caught this over at Chuck Johnsons place LGF, lets take a look at what some of the window watchers have to say about the situation.
Tanker J.D. 11/22/2004 04:15PM PST

plot to fly planes into Canary Wharf here, and also into Heathrow Airport

Are those really the most high value targets in London? What about "Look kids, Big Ben;" or maybe #10 Downing Street - I mean with a 747 at your disposal, you wouldn't need to be that accurate to rid of #10; you could just kinda aim for Downing Street, generally.

Maybe that's why this plan failed: they couldn't even assess their targets correctly...

I think we should view this as a sign of Al Quaeda's reduced capabilities . . . [i guess thats one way of looking at it.]
Typical Texan 11/22/2004 04:15PM PST

Thank the Lord! (and the security forces)

Does England get Fox News? [Typical fucktard, uhm, why do you ask?]
Megan 11/22/2004 04:17PM PST

It's good that they prevented this, but I bet they used racial profiling! That only hurts people's feelings and makes them jsut as bad as the terrorists!!!/LLL
(keep up the good work, Britain) [Thats white, I mean right megan racial profiling will save the world, and torture too.]
Buckaroo 11/22/2004 04:20PM PST

# 17 M D

IIRC, Murdoch owns Sky News so it's close ...
:-) [Typical Tardblossom gets his answer, as long as the speakers are pumping from a Murdoch joint, then its all good]
Max Power 11/22/2004 04:21PM PST

Apparently the attackers were foiled by when a well dressed Hard Hitting Fox news reporter wrestled them to the ground.

PS-did you hear about their new hard hitting segment....

(I kidd, Fox rules, its just so...omnipresent lately) [Okaaaaaaaaay. Fealty to leader, to leaders propaganda, party before country]
lazytart 11/22/2004 04:40PM PST

My parents just returned from 10 days in London. They have nearly every 5 years or so for the past twenty years.

They said:

A) The trip was so expensive that they almost couldn't relax enough to enjoy themselves.. $60 to see Bridget Jones movie.. oy... transportation, food, everything nearly doubled since two years ago

B) "Old" Britain is dead.. My parents are anglophiles, and they are in a grief state.

C) London has no londoners... just "islamics", as my mother says. She was shocked.

D) They were practically cavity searched a gazillion times... security tons tighter in Heathrow than airport here.

E) She and my dad finally got a wake up call that it's just safer here for now. [The dramatically falling dollar had nothing to do I am sure with the outrageous costs that caused your anglophone parents much grief now would it. As to the rest of it....]

Well there you go. might have to make this a feature, winger eyes on the news of the day, or somesuch. Or maybe I will try to find the three places on my head, that if hit just so with a ball-peen hammer render me droolingly stupid, then they would start making sense. The red text above are my responses to the comments.