Tuesday, November 23

It's really OK if You Are A Republican part Trois

We previously discussed the projection laden charge made by republicans, who no longer pay even lip service to shame. I really have to say that my personal favorite is the following charge, "engaging in the polotics of personal distruction". I mean this is rich, in the neighborhood of accusing democrats of "hate speech" rich.
Both accusations illuminate a tactic that seems to fly under the MSM or SCLM radar and that is to accuse your opponent of using your own tactics.

Lets put it this way, the class bully starts out the scool year telling anyone who will listen, that the class punching bags (that trio of small quiet kids at the bottom of the social hierarchy), are stealing his lunch money. In this bizarro world educational system, teachers and administrators, seem to ignore the fact that the class bully is eating the equivalent of two lunches, and walks around with the jingle of change in his pockets. Meanwhile the trio of kids are lucky if one of them gets lunch on any given day. When the trio complains, they are told to stop steeling the bully's lunch money.
While I will continue to seek out more elegant and illustrative analogies for this tactic, this one will have to serve for the time being.

So lets see what the house majority leader, who has already been reprimanded by congress for ethical violations, has to say about the recent rule change designed to allow him to run congress from behind bars if necessary.
DeLay and other Republicans have asserted that the Travis County probe was politically motivated. The Travis County district attorney, Ronnie Earle, is a Democrat.

Speaking to reporters last week, DeLay said the Democrats were engaging in the "politics of personal destruction."

"At this particular time, our rules could be used against us and so they fixed the rules so that the Democrats cannot use our own rules against us," DeLay said of the rule change that helped him.
I love it when on the rare occasion the truth falls out of a wingers mouth. In this case Delay admits that the rule was originally made to screw the democrats, "our rules", and then admits that the rules were changed soley for the benefit of his party, "fixed....Democrats cannot use our...rules against us". And you can be certain that Mr. Delay said all of this with a straight face.

This should tell you all you need to know about the party of personal responsibility. They consider themselves above the law and feel no need to follow established rules. If they happen to find themselves in violation of a rule, they will just change it. I guess that personal responsibility and the rule of law only apply to the rest of us. Welcome to the new Wingnut Aristocracy.