Saturday, November 13

Let's Talk about Hate speech, Shall We.

There is this wonderful little spot on the internets, a little piece of Heaven called Little Green Footballs, run by a wonderful man by the name of Charles Johnson. One of the nice things about the place is the moderation of the commentary. When someone steps out of bounds or makes a comment that is beyond the pale, it is quickly expunged from the record, suffice it to say this a place that you can enjoy with the entire family. I think that some of the following commentors were expressing their dissapointment with the passing of Yasser Arafat, Im not really sure, because I got these from an anonymous friend at the eschaton.

#1 bigel 11/12/2004 12:10PM PST
Mecca and Medina would look soooo lovely as radioactive craters, dontcha think?

#5 PostalWorker 11/12/2004 12:12PM PST
Mecca and Medina for sure, lets throw in Riahd and Tehran for good measure. Nuke ém till they glow and use their asses for runway lights!
Preemptive strike please
Maybe this is not about Arafat, I am not sure what these two are on about, or what radioactivity has to do with anything, but I have been known to be dull.

#36 Infidel and Proud 11/12/2004 12:26PM PST
If we get nuked there is only one response: the complete extermination of every sub-human shit-eating pig-fucking muslim from the face of this planet.
Muzzies are not human. They are vermin.
Oop's, i am not sure that uncle charlie would condone this kind of declaration, he must have missed this one.

7 Blue Lobster 11/12/2004 12:29PM PST
If it truly comes down to a choice between the survival of the West or the ascendency of Islam then:
1. Turn every major Muslim city into a glowing crater
2. Hunt down every survivor we can find and behead them
3. Mount their skulls on pikes as a lesson to the next 10 generations that the West will do what it takes to survive
4. Turn every area that we don't care to traverse looking for survivors into a hell of chemical weapon residue, mines, and radioactivity
5. Monitor those areas from the air; as soon as anyone comes out of a cave, nuke 'em
OK, he must have, not seen this one either, ( pssst.I think he's talking about Iran ) I think this guy may have a few issues with the Muslims. I wonder why he is so angry.
4 Infidel and Proud 11/12/2004 12:31PM PST
What do we do with the 7M (claimed) muslim rodents already infesting the US?

157 darrellbear 11/12/2004 01:14PM PST
Send 'em all to hell. Give 'em something to whisper about around the campfire for the next thousand years.
Mr. Johnson, you may want to take a look at these. People might come to the conclusion that you endorse such things.
#182 American Infidel 11/12/2004 01:22PM PST
Mr. Pol & rightasrain
Moslems around the world belong to one nation:
Nation of Islam
First and foremost, they are MOSLEMS...Therefore, every single MOSLEM is fair game, when and if it comes to the dropping of the NUCULAR BOMB or BOMBS...
CJ seems to have overlooked this comment too. I just don't understand this obsession with the NUCULAR BOMBS, and singleing out the adherents of another religion. Well I am sure this comment will be expunged.

220 locutus 11/12/2004 01:44PM PST
My solution?
One word:germs
Germs? for what purpose? Maybe this person is a biologist. Do the Borg have germs?
271 d_on_a_palehorse 11/12/2004 02:08PM PST
my patience is worn, there is no compassion left....I've heard this in the thread also.....we have the technology...why are we dicking around....let's end this now...finally...we can nuke them til they glow and shoot the rest of them in the streets...........
WTF are we waiting for?
"we shall march on a road of bones......"
I know how you feel, I get cranky some times too. But I take deep breaths and calmly say to myself, "Serenity now", I find that it calms me down and my murderous urges wane. I suggest you try it some time Mr. Horse.
321 'Nam Grunt 11/12/2004 02:44PM PST Muslims are nothing but ignorant, POS, look how they act, now believe it or not guys, I am not a racist redneck living here in Texas, they have nothing and never had anything, to be more clear, they are like cavemen, animals. (that should receive some replies from bleeding heart liberals).

322 restitutor orbis 11/12/2004 02:44PM PST

Can we exterminate them yet?????
oh please oh please oh please ??????

I wonder why everybody seems to be in a rush to action of some kind. When I was a kid the 24 th of December was the longest day. I could hardly sleep, because I could not wait to open my presents. Do you guys feel like that? I am not sure who these muslims are or why they are bad, could some one help me with that?
#332 Jheka
So, very specifically, where would you nuke, when, and using what yield?
I am not at all familiar with the type of bombs we have or their yield...I would like to save the real estate, afterall I would like to visit the Sphinx, the Great Pyramids, the area where archeologists believe the Garden of Eden was (the Fertile Crescent), take a cruise down the Nile, etc...etc...etc...
I would begin with their holy sites, followed by their most populated cities, etc...
The entire NATION OF ISLAM is fair game...
Oh goody a fellow traveler. I too would like to visit those ancient places, in order to get a better idea about the history around the cradle of civilization. then I think I too would begin by visiting all of their holy places because i hear that they really have some nice architecture. Wow they play fair games in Islam, I might even win some money.
376 missouri boy 11/12/2004 03:44PM PST
Now why would you want to kill Islam now that I just found out they have fair games.
Did you lose money the last time you played there? Any tips or thoughts on the matter would be appreciated. thank in advance.

Well that's it for this weeks LGF Round-up If we are lucky they will have some other advice on fair gaming and the like.