Friday, November 26

This is a Stray that a friend is taking care of.

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This is a stray that showed up at my friend Kent's house a couple of weeks before I was charged to watch his beasts for 3 week while he was out of the country at the end of the summer. That was a few months ago. When I first met the guy, he was very skinny, but seemed to have had some domestic experiance, in other words the little guy was skittish, but not feral.

A couple of days into the feeding and love providing, I managed to get my hands on the little guy, turns out he loves the petting. Anyway, I am watching Lurch, Mr. President, Taylor and Straybie (my nickname for the fella) over the break and tonight got a chance to capture the lovely boy on Kent's front porch. Mr President and Lurch are extrememly difficult subjects to get pictures of -- allways on the move, but I also have a couple of nice shots of Taylor, that I will post later.