Sunday, November 14

Why Tyrants in Power can be a bad thing

I have been watching the longest day on and off for a while, and the good guys have landed on the beach and are making inroads. The scene that has a couple of German officers discussing calling Hitler to order the Tank Divisions that have been held in reserve to make a counter attack. Trouble is that no one wants to call Hitler for fear that they will get into trouble. By this time he is asleep and has tendered strict orders not to be woken up.

No one wants to wake Hitler and no one is authorised to call op the reserves for a counter attack, the allies gain an extra 12 hours, and by then it is too late. The Allies have established a beachead, and the rest they say is History.

Do you think that anyone is going to tell bush when the time comes, that Iraq is a lost cause? Remember this is the gang that shitcanned the Army chief of staff for not buying into the rose petal tossing dreams of the NeoCons, Is purging the CIA of suspected liberal sympathisers, and is generally not interested in bad news, so the TV won't show any.

I fear that we are Germany and Iraq is the invasion of Normandy in the Grand war on Terror.