Tuesday, December 7

The Best of the Warbloggers.

Something tells me that this blog did not qualify under the strict guidelines set up by Right Wing News. If I had only known there was such an award, I might have been a little less strident in my criticisms of the war and the administration. Oh well. Seriously, I find it difficult to believe that one would take pride in such an award, but as I was taking a gander over at Charles Johnson's Little Green Footballs site, looking for material for the next post, i discovered that they were quite happy to have placed highly in the contest. While looking over the results, I did find some interesting results in some interesting categories. Let's start with famous columnist that is not a blogger.

Favorite Columnist Who's Not A Blogger

4) Victor Davis Hanson (4)
4) Thomas Sowell (4)
3) Ann Coulter (8)
2) Charles Krauthammer (10)
1) Mark Steyn (16)

I have to admit that I am not well aquainted with Hanson, Davis or Steyn, but thanks to the power of linkydinks, I might decide, when I have absolutely nothing to do (do I need to scoop the litter box?), to bone up on those characters. Now Coulter and Krauthammer would make my pantheon of providers of the batshit looniest political commentary you will find. Let's just say that if you take what they have to say seriously, it is unlikely that we can have a meaningful conversation about anything other than the weather. So like I said, after I scoop out the litter,,,,,,,,,,

Least Liked Columnist Who's Not A Blogger

3) EJ Dionne (3)
3) Helen Thomas (3)
3) Mark Morford (3)
2) Paul Krugman (5)
1) Maureen Dowd (24)

No suprises here, well, OK I am suprised that Dowd beat out Krugman, but he's on hiatus so they may have simply forgotten about him.

Favorite Political Website That's Not A Blog

3) WSJ Opinion Journal (6)
3) FrontPage Magazine (6)
2) RealClearPolitics (9)
1) National Review (12)

Worst part of a paper (WSJ) that has actually done some decent reporting, Never seen or heard of FPM, or RCP for that matter but would lay decent odds that the publications in question are probably rags. And the grandfather of the right wing the National Review.

Favorite Left-Of-Center Blogger

2) Matt Welch (3)
2) The Washington Monthly (3)
1) Mickey Kaus (5)

I wonder how Kevin and Mickey think about this, not sure about the Welch character, but it is likely that he was also for Dubby's grand Imperial Iraqi adventure. Kaus is simpley a hack, and I stopped reading Drum regularly during the summer of 2003, I fear that too much of the beltway has entered his brain. Needless to say on my scale none of these guys are left of center.

Most Annoying Left-Of-Center Blogger

4) Talking Points Memo (4)
4) Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish (4)
3) Oilver Willis (8)
2) Eschaton (9)
1) Daily Kos (19)

Now if you had to win a category............Nice job guys, ('cept Andy "glutes" Sullivan)
Not sure what Sullivan is doing on the list though, realizing that bush is so fucking horrid that you simply can not vote for him, may get you shown the door on the right side of the aisle, but does not win you any street cred in blogistan.

Most Annoying Right-Of-Center Blogger

3) Gut Rumbles (3)
2) The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler (5)
1) Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish (14)

How about that fence straddling Sullivan, places in both categories, anoying almost as many wingnuts as the Daily Kos (19) - Sully (18). How's that for double dipping.

Most Overrated Blog

4) Instapundit (5)
3) Daily Kos (7)
2) Wonkette (13)
1) Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish (15)

Andy is beginning to remind me of Homer simpson in the highschool reunion episode, wherein Homer wins all of the undesirable awards like "most weight gained" "most hair lost" for example. And last but not least the category for best blog overall.

The Best Blog Overall

14) The Volokh Conspiracy (3)
14) Wizbang (3)
14) Winds Of Change (3)
14) Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish (3)
14) Samizdata (3)
14) PoliPundit (3)
14) LILEKS (James) The Bleat (3)
14) Mickey Kaus (3)
14) Dean's World (3)
11) Protein Wisdom (4)
11) Michelle Malkin (4)
11) Betsy's Page (4)
8) Roger L. Simon (5)
8) Captain's Qaurters (5)
8) Tim Blair (5)
7) A Small Victory (6)
5) Hugh Hewitt (9)
5) Belmont Club (9)
4) The Corner (12)
2) Power Line (16)
2) Little Green Footballs (16)
1) Instapundit (22)

So there you go, the above are all proud and bonafide members of the 101st Fighting Keyboards, supporting poorly managed, blatantly unnecessary war, because war makes a tent in the pantaloons.