Friday, December 3

The Tentacles of Tyranny

Just saw this over at Steve's, and It just made me sick. The Roaches have lost their fear and feel perfectly comfortable asking for seconds at the dinner table. Some Jackassed, Alabama, Opportunistic Bigot, state legeslative representative, wants to ban all books that have any reference to homosexual situations or characters from the Public and State funded University libraries. These bastards are hellbent on a total whitewash of history, looking to cleanse anything that does not conform to their view of the world; in otherwords, they likely won't be satisfied until libraries are nothing more than repositories of bibles, a version cleansed of all references to the poor of course.
Gay book ban goal of state lawmaker
Wednesday, December 01, 2004
News staff writer

MONTGOMERY - An Alabama lawmaker who sought to ban gay marriages now wants to ban novels with gay characters from public libraries, including university libraries.

A bill by Rep. Gerald Allen, R-Cottondale, would prohibit the use of public funds for "the purchase of textbooks or library materials that recognize or promote homosexuality as an acceptable lifestyle." Allen said he filed the bill to protect children from the "homosexual agenda."
These fucks have absolutely no shame. They use children at every turn, to pick our pockets, erode constitutional rights, as well as a distraction so that we seem to forget that they can't really do accomplish anything substantive, oh and before i forger, they like to pimp out children and Jesus to shove *their agenda* down our throats. This "homosexual-agenda" crap is getting really fucking old --- There is no agenda, Jesus.
"Our culture, how we know it today, is under attack from every angle," Allen said in a press conference Tuesday.
I'm sorry to but in but this is just plain old White Supremest code talking, plain and simple. "Our culture"(White christian folk) "under attack"(fear mongering) "every angle"(Niggers, Fags, wetbacks and Jews) worked to get the aryans wound up in the thirties. They really aren't trying to hide it anymore.
Allen said that if his bill passes, novels with gay protagonists and college textbooks that suggest homosexuality is natural would have to be removed from library shelves and destroyed.

"I guess we dig a big hole and dump them in and bury them," he said.

A spokesman for the Montgomery-based Southern Poverty Law Center called the bill censorship.

"It sounds like Nazi book burning to me," said SPLC spokesman Mark Potok.
Dig a hole? Who the fuck are you kidding, Families will be bringing their kids to revel in the righteousness in the immolation of the evil, not long after sticks and hotdogs will make an appearance. I kid you not (well maybe about the hotdogs).
Allen pre-filed his bill in advance of the 2005 legislative session, which begins Feb. 1.

If the bill became law, public school textbooks could not present homosexuality as a genetic trait and public libraries couldn't offer books with gay or bisexual characters.

When asked about Tennessee Williams' southern classic "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof," Allen said the play probably couldn't be performed by university theater groups.

Allen said no state funds should be used to pay for materials that foster homosexuality. He said that would include nonfiction books that suggest homosexuality is acceptable and fiction novels with gay characters. While that would ban books like "Heather has Two Mommies," it could also include classic and popular novels with gay characters such as "The Color Purple," "The Picture of Dorian Gray" and "Brideshead Revisted."

The bill also would ban materials that recognize or promote a lifestyle or actions prohibited by the sodomy and sexual misconduct laws of Alabama. Allen said that meant books with heterosexual couples committing those acts likely would be banned, too.
Don't let this guy anywhere near the Greek history and Literature section, let's hope in this case that it is "greek to him". I doubt that this bill will pass, this is a trial ballon for another ballet initiative, or possibly cover for something more nefarious, but the fact that this guy is playing that card, openly and expects to benefit scares the shit out of me. They pass this, then Alice, we may well be through the looking glass.