Sunday, June 5

Is Britney Spears carrying Baby Jesus the sequal?

The People Magazine Cover screams "All about my Baby" and promises an interview with the mother to be, about her prescious, pre-born cargo. My first thought was "Is it not a little early to have this interview? After all, something could still go terribly wrong, and her child might not see the light of day, suffering a tragedy that befalls many expectant parents, misscarriage.

I then saw the arc of her carreer, bursting on the scene as the embodiment of the teenage school girl fantasy, pairing explicitly suggestive song, with equally, if not more explicitly suggestive, dance moves, reaching the apotheosis of pre-teen pornagraphy, with a song that might as well have been titled "Baby Fuck Me One more time".

She has made a carreer of selling the illicit fantasy, a career that may be effectivly at its end as the vacant, doe-eyed doyenne of the teeny bopper set, ages. It may be possible that she can morph into a doe-eyed dominatrix, but in the meantime we will get to suffer endless pictures of the bump, and interviews in screen and print, as she is groomed to become the Queen of Moron 'Merica.

Ok my head hurts, but in conclusion If'n Brittney gets her some Born Again™ the hyperbole suggested by the title of this post may well become reality. /shudders.