Sunday, June 5

You can't argue with them, so you must Mock them.

The following was written last night and posted to the bottom of a (unbeknownst to me) dead thread, so I thought I might share it here, so another 20 people might get achance to see it.

Yep, Thers, even told him Wayne never served in the military but you can't use logic and facts with these people. He immediately launched into Kerry's service record - pure Swifty talk.


Took a trip to visit a local assembly of moron america™ (Lowes) yesterday, and quite frankly the "double-take, vaporlock, somethings burning, while it figgers out if I's a nigger, wetback, or 'kayda" reaction is getting tedious.

While I generally respond with a smile and a howdy, in an attempt to move myself (in their mind, into the former categories-less threatening as it must be), It just gets old.


Your'e right.

There is no arguing, anything, with the "faithful". Your workmate listens to HaniRush for soundbitic rejoinders. Simple Willfull Ignorance.

There should be no argument, simply Mock Them™. When it all said and done, we have been the mocked, and the mockers rode the Mighty Stallion, Moron Merica™ to a nearly complete control of every reign of power.

I have always rejected "Mocking", or any form, of coercive or, manipulative forms of Attitude Ajustment. Pandering to the lowest commen denomiator is just not my style, but Jebbus H Christmas, the gloves are off.

Mocking requires a cool head. You cannot engage until the outrage has subsided. Better yet recognise that they will not take anything you have to say seriously, because, in their mind, we are the "mindless monkeys", dancing to our "organ grinders", when the reality is:

We give a damn about ourselves, and everybody else.They only give a damn about their "own", or even worse, engage in familial combat, while wreaking havok on the world.

I guess I'll have to read that book about the kids stranded on that Island
for some background on the most effective approach.

As a start, I might suggest that you embrace the concept, of laughing at whatever they pull out of their ass, shaking your head, and walking away.

If you take them seriously, you "embiggen" them. And After all we do have the "wind of truth" at our backs.

They employ a tactic of "Stungun Stupidity" designed to create the "That is so wrong on so many levels...." response. It works, early and often, and we get nowhere.

Mock them, laugh (with pointing, when appropriate), and walk away shaking your head.

You are actually "right as rain", with the added bonus of your heart being in the right place.

The Thrall of acumen and nuance, has left the building. Pointing and laughing at the stalwarts, may inevitably sway an enormous number of "buyers Remorse Republicans"


It's Ripley's fault. But seriously pardon for the inordinately long blogasm.........