Saturday, July 17

Another Car Bomb Another Minister YAIMEVBCB

I have been thinking about setting up a special template for these stories. Starting with the title:YAIMVBCB (yet another iraqi minister vaporized by car bomb) or YAIMEVBCB (yet another iraqi minister escapes vaporization by car bomb) From Reuters an example of the latter involving the Justice minister.
BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Iraq's justice minister escaped unscathed but five bodyguards were killed when a suicide car bomber drove into his convoy in an attack claimed by a group led by al Qaeda ally Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

Statements posted on an Islamist Web site said the attack was one of two carried out on Saturday by the military wing of Zarqawi's Tawhid and Jihad group, blamed by Washington for a series of deadly suicide bombings in Iraq and for executing at least three hostages.

Witnesses said the attacker drove toward the convoy close to the home of Justice Minister Malik al-Hassan and detonated his car bomb in a ball of flame.

"There was a blast alongside the convoy. A booby-trapped car came alongside and blew up," said traffic policeman Hussein Abed. The Health Ministry said five bodyguards were killed.

Five gutted cars were littered across the road, and Iraqis collected human remains scattered among the wreckage.
First we fired everyone who was a member of the Baath party (never mind that most of these people had little or no choice, and little or no loyalty to Saddam), then we shitcan the army (but feel free to keep your guns, neverminding that outside of Saddam's Preatorian Guard, most of the conscripts had no loyalty to Saddam). When I first heard of these directives from the Bremenator, my first thought was that we better fix shit tout de suite, or we might have a bit of trouble waiting for us down the road. But what do I know, I never thought there was any reason to invade Iraq in the first place. Once we did, however, I could never have imagined the level of incompetence under which the occupation would be run, (little did I knw that the CPA would be staffed by Heritage foundation rejects) and I have a very active imagination.

It is heartening to see that the Bremenator does have a sense of
"The greatest regret has to be that we were not able to get the security situation under better control by the end of the occupation," said Bremer.