Friday, July 16

Preznit Projection

Apparently he's a tour de France fan (As long as fellow Texan Lance Armstrong is winning). From ESPN comes the following.

ABOARD AIR FORCE ONE -- President Bush predicted Friday that Lance Armstrong will win the Tour de France -- and added with a smile that he will triumph in his own race for re-election.

Bush fed his new passion for bicycling by watching the Tour on Air Force One's TV screens, rooting for fellow Texan Armstrong during a punishing stage through the Pyrenees mountains.

Asked by The Associated Press whether he thought Armstrong would pull off a record-breaking sixth straight tour win, Bush flashed two thumbs-up.

"He's going to win and I'm going to win," Bush said en route to Florida and West Virginia -- two critical states in re-election campaign.

"There's no need to worry about either race any more," Bush said with a wave of his hands and a grin.

Armstrong finished second in Friday's stage, leaving main rival Jan Ullrich struggling behind. He advanced the from sixth to second in the overall standings.
Ok Friends, no need to hold election 'cause Lance is going to vote for us all. Now did I miss a memo or something. The image of that grinning simian, thumbs up, secure in the knowledge that he'll get 4 more years......