Tuesday, July 13

E tu Brute

Steve makes some observations about the Dean Nader debate.

The problem is that it isn't alleged. The groups now openly announce their desire to help Nader get on the ballot.

Now, while away, I saw much of the Dean-Nader debate, and Nader came off second best. The thing is that Dean, having actually won elective office, was more able to deliver hammer blows against Nader's musty idealism.

But to me, this debate has gotten painfully simple: if you want to save Americans in Iraq, vote for Kerry. Not because he has some great anti-war stand, but because he isn't tied to Iraq the way Bush is.

Every vote for Nader is a vote to kill American soldiers in Iraq.

From Common Dreams The Nader "money shot"
Describing the threat of a second Bush term as "an extraordinary emergency," the man whose own candidacy shook up the Democratic establishment almost as much as has Nader's, declared, "When the house is on fire, it's not the time to fix the furniture." Sure, Dean admitted, he might have differences with Kerry on some issues. But he argued the "progressives must unite behind Kerry" line with passion.

Nader was unconvinced. At several points, the independent candidate read down a list of sharp shots at Kerry--"corporate clone," "lesser of two evils." And then he reminded the Vermonter that those were Dean's own words from the primary season.

Nader allowed as how he preferred "Howard Dean the First," who took on the party establishment last year, as opposed to "Howard Dean the Second," who he accused of carrying the establishment's water this year.

I was a big fan of the "corporate clone","lesser of two evils" argument that nader made about Gore in 2000. Yeah. No difference at all between a centrist long serving Democratic public servent versus the tax cutting, record setting (more people put to death-I mean cleansed from death row) right wing fascist-fundimentalist. It wasn't just the issue of the Federal courts and a possible SCOTUS nominee or two that terrified me about a Bush Preznitcy-though I did loose a bit of sleep over that, the idea that (I live in a college town with a big greek (panhellenic-i.e fraternity/sorority) population) a dumbass fratboy would bring his version of frat party date rapin integritude to office. I would just like to thank Ralph for "carrying the establishmental water" this year. I know its a tough job-but someone has to do it.