Sunday, July 11

Where'd I put that Baseball Bat?

I Caught the 60 minutes interview tonight and while it was a pleasure to see the exuberent Johns exuberating, and it was nice that they replayed that angry george clip when he answers a question about Edwards with "cheney can be president" or some such. The contrast between little boy blue and the John's was beatiful. But the point of this piece is that I don't have much patience for the mainstream media and there shameless whoremongery and quite frankly would like to have the opportunity to take Leslie out to the wood shed for a little learning. It is one thing to read about the heathers Yackin on about inexperience, but to actually see it with all of the little facial expressisions.....where'd I leave that bat again.

It was nice that in the end Andy Rooney (a WWII vet) a man who has vexated me from time to time in the past decided to take the Heathers to the woodshed, the only problem is that he left his bat in the studio. It was nice that the Lesler introduced his beatdown with a pillow, and smiled awkwardly as she had to finish out the segment.

It was a kind (but not nearly enough) of sweet judgement.