Friday, July 9

Macedonian street "cred" takes a hit

I vaugly remember this story to be a rumor, and one of those kinds of rumors that you really wish weren't true. Hope springs eternal they say, Outrage fatigue continues to grow, and just when you thought It couldn't get any worse...... thanks to this comment
for the eye opener. You can read the whole thing at the Guardian.
AP in Lahore
Monday May 3, 2004
The Guardian

Relatives of six Pakistani immigrants who were framed as terrorists and executed by Macedonian police are to sue for damages, lawyers said yesterday.

The group of illegal migrants were lured to Macedonia two years ago, driven to a remote spot and gunned down by the security forces.

They were then paraded as terrorists to enable the country to "prove" its credentials as a frontline US ally, Macedonian officials have acknowledged.

Ansar Burney, a lawyer and head of the Ansar Burney Welfare Trust International, a civil rights group which has campaigned on behalf of the victims' families, said he was preparing to file a suit in the international court of justice in The Hague, seeking $2m (£1,125,000) in damages for each of the six families.

What in god's name were they thinking. Children and innocent Iraqis tortured in Iraq, and Afganistan.
Billions of our treasury down the haliburton sinkhole, hundreds of thousands of troops slowly loosing their souls as they twist like dead leaves in the wind on the tree that is the war on terra. Unfreakingbelievable......