Friday, July 9

Exploding heads in Funditopia

By way of Athenae whos doing some guest posting at Atrios It would appear that the fundies are either throwing in the towel or trying to rile up the base. Apparently the homosexuals have won. I'll let Athenae finish
The rest of the article is a collection of blathering about how evangelical Christians have been portrayed in the debate over gay marriage as a bunch of backward whackjobs, and gays have been portrayed as angels with shiny little wings, and other GOP talking points that have so much straw stuffed in them they should be legally classified as fire hazards.
Lets get ourselve a Fire marshall and see if he can't do something about the firehazards presented by strawmen arguments piling up in freeperville and Funditopia. Thanks for the laugh Athenea. Really, I needed that.