Friday, July 9

The Hague-an to Israel "Tear down this Wall"

Inspired by the passing of a former president and aquisition of his soul the following decision was issued by the Hague.
"The wall ... cannot be justified by military exigencies or by the requirements of national security or public order," said Judge Shi Jiuyong of China. "The construction of such a wall accordingly constitutes breaches by Israel of its obligations under the applicable international humanitarian law."
Meanwhile from the White House
"We do not believe that that's the appropriate forum to resolve what is a political issue. This is an issue that should be resolved through the process that has been put in place, specifically the road map," White House spokesman Scott McClellan said aboard Air Force One as President George W. Bush was en route to a campaign tour in Pennsylvania.
A frustrated Karl Rove had to pull his Soul Recovery Unit out of the Reagan library "We had plans for that puppy, it was going to be instrumental to our re-election efforts, but now that the Hague has it......We can't go anywhere near that place" he said while slowly turning and shaking his head as he walked away.

Israel's response was unexpected.