Tuesday, July 6

Kerry/Edwards let the Smackdown begin

Howdi Dowdi Doo.

So the first thing I hear this morning is on the TV in the other room-Tim Russert and Katie Couric yapping about something-wait there it is-Edwards wins the veepstakes. I imediately start searching fort the rem,ote control meanwhile screaming "shut up whore" (I'm talking about Tim primarily). The cause of my wrath? Katie's asking Timmy what he thinks this means. What the fuck could Tim Russerrt possibley contribute to this discussion other than ramp up the Media disinformation campaign. Tim "useful GOP talking point shill" Russert.

I'm obviously in a "mood", but reasonably satisfied with Kerry's choice. If I had the chance to get this news from my regular back channels this post would have started off with less spitriol.

So Kerry/Edwards it is. This might mean that Gephardt's aid was flown out to discuss the Department of labor cabinate post with Kerry, and as Clarke is prohibited form being named the Sec Def (Former military folks have to be out of the military for a certain amount of time-10 years maybe-will fact check this later) but would probably make a great Sec State.

That two America speech that Edwards was using in his campaign will resonate with many. And while I've been around long enough to know that these guys are all to the right side of my thinking It might be possible that Edwards was basically forced to play nice "southern democratic" doggie to get elected and might actually be more progressive than allowed to be-I'm kinda thinking how Souter Kinda gave the republicans conniptions when he didn't always play ball with the wingnut branch of the supreme court-I'm looking at you Scalia (opus dei-natural law-president selecting pussbag), Renquist (happily disenfanchising black folk at the pols in the fifties) and Thomas (if only we could hook up some turbines to Thurgood Marshall's rapidly rotating grave).

After ranting and raving for the first 15 minutes of conscience, my girl informs me that earlier some woman senator was on "talking about his inexperience and how little experiance she had working with him cause he was campaigning all the time" She doesn't follow this stuff like I do but she is well aware that the asshats are in charge. I ask her if it was Libby Dole, she repies "yes, that was her name" big suprise. Of course they are gonna be yappin it up with the Kool-Aid consupting crew. How many other partisans will they trot out to fire up the wirlitzer.

I will return after a perusal of the days news and views.