Monday, July 5

I Am an Idiot and this is the last time.

What I mean by idiot (and I am) is that I was preparing a cool post about how the ACLU Skokie defence was patriotic. And then the computater locked up and bye bye post. It was the second time that post was wiped.
There is however a lesson to be learned....From now on I will compose the body of crap I write in a text editor, and then copy/paste into blogger. The snippets yanked from other sources can always be retrieved to be used with the fantasmigorical tools provided by blogger-that cool shit that you are proud to have written and possibly the inspiriation that fueled it might be gone forever.

Its really an old lesson-save shit frequently. And it might not really be a bad idea to save that source you are referring to because the ole memory hole is often hard at work.

I'll try to recreate the lost post sometime soon-(hangs head in shame)