Tuesday, July 6


I saw the movie everyone is talking about on saterday. Having paid attention the last
few years, there wasn't much that was news to me. And the things of which I was previously unaware (the inauguration riots-and the congressional objection) I was brought up to speed by others who had posted reviews.

The theatre was about 70% full and there was an ovation at the end of the show. The audiance was mostly subdued and at least one person was seeing it for the second time (he recognized one of our party and came over to chat). There are many things I would have liked to see, but overall I have little to complain about. It is one thing to know what a clusterfuck Iraq is but to be shaken out of my seat by that bomb blast in the dark and the closeup of screaming kids left me grinding my teeth in anger. There were several times that I had to exercise extreme restraint lest I go all cheney on dubya.

I really enjoyed the part when he was asking congress critters to enlist their children. If you haven't seen it yet a little setup. Moore is walking around with a marine who has already done a tour in Iraq and admits that he would rather go to jail than back to Iraq. Now thats some brass and I pray that this guy has not been dissapeared or has to deal with too much freeperville hatred. The first guy they approach actually comes up to Moore hand extended and asks what Moore is up to. Moore hands him a marine brochure and the guy takes it tentatively, realizes that he has no choice but to play along. That guy and I've no idea who he was but he walked right into it and handled the situation admirably, keeping the brochure as he walked away. There were a couple others that spoke shortly before having to move along, but the last guy was priceless he noticed Moore just a little to late to avoid the situation and basically ran and ended up bumping into a woman as he made his getaway "Coward" is what escaped my trap right as he bumped into the lady and kept running. I hope that guy was a staffer 'cause if not he better be a representative of a YELLOW state.

As far as Dubya was concerned he hung himself. I remember reading about the now watch this drive and might have seen a clip of the drive part but I did not realize that "Now watch this drive" came almost immediately on the heels of his yack about terruh. The footage in the classroom was of much better quality than I had previously seen......deer in headlights or maybe astonishement vis a vis "I didn't
think it would be that big". The only time that bush sounded articulate was when he was talking about being the son of the president and the amount of access he had to his father. I mean he still was obviously and arrogent fuckhead, but there seems to have been a time when he was able to string 3 or 4 sentances together into a coherent thought.

Moore made his movie and it is a powerfull indigtment of an arrogent administration and by implication a great takedown of the media. Getting to see the inaugural limo pelted with an egg or two and the escapeing limo were themselves worth the price of admission.

Lastly, where the fuck was Wellstone (may he rest in peace) when the Black caucus needed a Senator?