Friday, July 23

Molly gets it as always

As usual Molly is all over the Dubyanator like a cheap suit.

Total number of Americans killed so far is 901, but the new line is: What War? We turned it over to the Iraqis, see? Presto, it disappears, just like magic. It's their problem now. Doesn't have anything to do with us. Bush is out campaigning by calling himself "the peace president." Honest. "He repeated the words 'peace' or 'peaceful' many times, as he had done increasingly in his recent appearances," reported The New York Times from Iowa this week.

Watch the media compliantly take up this line. Truly fascinating. We're also getting a new round of "9-11 was all Clinton's fault anyway." I don't think this one will work for the R's. It's kind of pitiful, after four years, to still go around saying, "It's all Clinton's fault."

Their first week in office, the Bushies claimed the Clintonites had taken the W's off White House computers, glued the drawers together and committed other vandalism -- all of which turned out to be a big fat lie. Why that didn't tip the media off about what kind of people they were dealing with is unclear to me.


These goons lied right out of the gate and tricked all those elite liberal media outlets to buy into every one of these lies. Their modus operandi is the lie, hell their modus vivendi is steaming piles of mendacity. You would think that a media hellbent on destroying the sanctity of life, fighting tooth and nail, for liberal causes, might have paused, thought about it and refused to continue spoonfeeding the steaming piles of horseshit coming out every administrative orifice.

Oh yeah---that liberal media. Keep swinging Molly. cheers to you.