Tuesday, July 27

Must have been democrats

From 365gay.com by way of this comment on a thread at Atrios, is the latest in outrageous behavior.

(Honor, Michigan) Dozens of sleeping gay cyclists scrambled for their lives as an arsonist set fire to their campsite. About 75 members of Friends North were on a summer bike outing. Twenty in the group set up camp near the town of Honor and bedded down for the night Sunday.

About 12:30 a.m. a member of the group awoke to find a portable toilet on fire and flames spreading to nearby belongings. The cyclist woke up the others fearing the fire would spread to the dry grass and encircle them.

Flames were shooting 20 feet in the air a member of the group said.

Later, about two dozen hate messages were found scattered throughout the area.

Bigotry in any form is unnacceptable, I just hope that the local constabulary can be counted upon to find the perpetrator/s and bring them to justice. For shame.