Tuesday, July 27

Oompa or Loompa you make the call

From the Kerry rapid response website comes this interesting analysis of the Bush/Cheney campaign, by one of there own:

“The Bush-Cheney penchant for attack-dog politics is out of control. Dick Cheney isn’t just going after Democrats, now he's going after Republicans and violating the eleventh commandment. It's time for a new administration that focuses on making America stronger at home and respected in the world, not one that takes gratuitous potshots,” said Kerry campaign spokesperson Phil Singer.

“I used to represent people in courts in the south. So I wish we’d get off that.”
Sen. Lindsey Graham said of Edwards: “He has been a lightning rod for a lot of attacks. You know, people in my party beat on John Edwards for being a trial lawyer. As far as I know John made his money honestly. I used to represent people in courts in the south. So I wish we'd get off that.

It wouldn't be the same guy who cried foul on George Stephanopoulos' show would it:
Stephanopoulos, who hadn't planned to discuss the subject, asked the South Carolina Republican to explain.

"There was this hatefest in New York, where people who don't mind being called liberal got up and ran President Bush into the ground and applauded these two gentlemen [Kerry and Edwards]," Graham said.

"I want that tape," Graham insisted again, this time with a touch of anger. "And let's see people in Louisiana and South Carolina - let's hear what was said in New York and let's look at the reactions of Edwards and Kerry."

Remember that this was a private gathering, Never mind that Dennis Miller along for the ride on the Bush campaign trail, basically insinuated that Kerry and Edwards were gay, and the media?..........crickets chirping.........we could go on and on, but it is nice to know that Senator Graham can be reasonable....If he want's to.........but calling the democratic fundraiser where Whoopi made her jokes, a Hatefest, is a little harsh, isn't it. But the senator is from the South, and they seem to have a little trouble from time to time with this affliction known as "the vapors".