Tuesday, July 13

We should Hang our Heads in Shame

Why in the name of humanity, do we let this continue.

Sudan: Darfur region

AL-JUNAYNAH, 13 Jul 2004 (IRIN) - Four months after the Darfur crisis in Sudan was described by the UN as the "world’s worst humanitarian disaster", tens of thousands of people in the state of Western Darfur still live without shelter or sanitation, receive no food aid and have to drink contaminated water.

One aid worker described the situation to IRIN as "a disaster waiting to happen".
I can't help but wonder what President Gore would have done. One, we would not have been led on a terrorist snipe hunt in Iraq (providing that the plot for 9/11 had not been foiled by the increased focus that his administration would have had vis a vis Bin Laden). If 9/11 had taken place under his watch, we would probably be rejoicing in a newly minted democratically elected gubmint in Afganistan, Bin Laden on trial at the Hauge, and gearing up for re-election. Yes, Saddam would still be in contained in Iraq , and a lot of our Blood and treasure would still be with us. I also believe that we would be spearheading a peacekeeping responce to this genocidal extermination going on in the Sudan. And we would have retained the moral authority and Allies to do so. But no no no, we are bogged down with an illegal occupation, which retains the focus of the world.
Conditions in Western Darfur are such that many of the aid workers are themselves falling sick.

Delayed access to the state and logistical problems have meant that getting staff, equipment and basic aid into the area - the most inaccessible of the three Darfur states - has been extremely difficult.

But more needs to be done to save people’s lives, say aid workers; there have only been two food distributions to date, the latest one with reduced rations. Tens of thousands of IDPs have received no food or shelter items at all and are cramped under bits of bramble, leaves, sticks and dry grass - and the rainy season has already begun. Many are drinking "pea-green" water and scrounging to survive on mukhayt - a berry that takes three days to prepare and gives diarrhoea.
Brilliant, the most widely available food source takes 3 days to prepare and results in diarrhoea, in an area that lacks a sustainable potable water supply, thats a nice slow way to die, can cholera be far behind? Aid workers falling prey to the conditions can only mean that we have a real disaster on our hands. Its really too bad that we don't give a shit about black people. The day that we get to wipe that smirk off of Bush's face and that sneer off of that piece of crap Cheney's Mug will be a great day indeed.