Sunday, July 4

Twilight Zone Marathon continues...

Forgot about this one. The setup: Three Bikers roll into a small town rent a house and recieve delivery of a couple of metal containers in an otherwise empty house. A neighbor (attractive young and female) parts the curtain and watches them with a lustfull curiosity.

Then the spooky powers are revealed.

Now I'm pissed. The father of the afformentioned young neighbor is slagging on Ham radio operators for causing the interference to their tv sets. Now I admit that an Alien Beatnik Biker Dude Ham Radio Operator would be a pretty cool thing to be and all-And I would just need become an Alien, master the beatnik and the biker dude parts and I'd have it covered. Now I am all for any TV exposure of Ham Radio as it is a really cool hobby, but clearly the antenna he makes notice of on the roof of the Alien Beatnik Biker Dudes newly rented house is designed to operate on frequencies higher than TV channels of the time. Whats the point you say-none really-I probably would have made a decent continuity director is all.

So off the soapbox and back to the story.

By now it should be clear that these Beatnik Biker Dudes are in fact Aliens. And they have condemmed the people of earth to death and are using that previously discussed antenna to communicate with the mother planet.

The plot hinges on the fact that one of the ABBD (Alien Beatnik Biker Dudes as opposed to Anybody But Bush Democrat) falls for the neighbor girl and decides that the earth is worth saving.

So Far We have Beatnik Biker Dudes-Good

Then we find that the above are Aliens-Cool

Then we have a mention of Ham Radio -very cool

But in a negative and inaccurate light-Not so cool

The determination of Humanity as nasty, brutal and deserving extermination-on the fence

Dissenting Alien Beatnik Biker Dude siding with Humanity-rebellious aliens are cool

Dissenting biker dude carried off to funny farm for aliens by alien sherrif-not so good.

Anyway the aliens end up carrying out their plans-oh well

All in all a great episode. How often does one get to mention beatniks bikers ham radio and aliens and throw in a link to the amateur radio relay league in one post? Not often thats fer sure. Gotta love Rod Serling.