Sunday, August 1

Fancy new Pants

Inspired by a few comments in a thread over at Atrios a couple of nights ago I learned how to make a trademark™ symbol. So my interest piqued I decided to jump back into the HTML waters and see if I could gather some FU.
While at Kos last night I recieved an answer to my inquiry about how to post with a shaded boxed blockquote, which I'll share with you here:like so: [div class=blockquote]text go to inside box here[/div], replacing [ ] with < >. So suddenly I was one of the cool kids.
I tried the technique with this blog and it failed, because the above fomatting is intended for use with Scoop. A bit of research later indicated that I would have to modify the CSS on the template of this page.

I'm going to search for the original source of the code I inserted, now if I can only remember the original search string......back later with some links to help you if you are inclined to get under the hood of your blogspot blog......So you can join the cool kids.