Monday, August 2


Retired former Airforce Chief of Staff, General Tony McPeak takes little boy blue to the wood shed.
"The report of the 9/11 commission makes this clear: Fighting terrorists alone just doesn't work," he said. "If our enemy hatches a terror plot in Rome, we will need help from the Italians. If German intelligence knows the whereabouts of a senior al Qaeda member, America must have that information."Instead, he said, Bush has "alienated our friends, damaged our credibility around the world, reduced our influence to an all-time low in my lifetime, given hope to our enemies."

McPeak said he backed Bush in 2000 because he "had hoped this president could provide" the leadership needed to face modern threats. But disillusionment, he said, has led him to change his voter registration from Republican to independent and shift his support to Kerry.

"The real deal for me is not whether a strategy or a plan or an idea is Republican or Democrat, but whether it makes us safer," he said. "And it means an awful lot to me that John Kerry fought for his country as a young man."

"We who have some experience -- who have seen war close up and sent troops to battle -- know that victory is not won by single combat," he continued. "War is not like that. War is a team sport.

"We built the team that won World War II. We put together the great team that won the Cold War. That's why what has happened over the last three years is such a tragedy, such a national disaster. Rebuilding the team won't be easy."
Sure it will., Once returned to office, he can outsource the state department and intelligence agencies to Halliburton, the military to Balckwater. This will allow him to get down to the nitty gritty of domestic policy, and stretch his legs as a peace president. Out of the mouth of babes, for consumption by rubes at a recent campaign stop:
"We will engage these enemies in Afghanistan and Iraq and elsewhere, so that we do not have to face them here at home".
Where have I heard this one before- thats it -operation flypaper, aka the theory.
"We'll continue to lead the world with competence and moral clarity'.
Did I miss the memo? Could someone tell me when we started?
"We put together a strong coalition -- a strong coalition joined together to defeat the terrorists. There are nearly 40 nations involved in Afghanistan, some 30 nations involved in Iraq".
Wash rinse repeat, still a lie? Wash rinse repeat, still a lie? Saying the same shit over and over and over and over and over and over and over, does not a truth make.
"And so last September, while our troops were in combat in both Afghanistan and Iraq, I proposed supplemental funding to support them in their missions. This legislation provided funding for body armor and other vital equipment for hazard pay, for health benefits and ammunition and fuel and spare parts"
That wouldn't be the september you were trying to cut combat and family support pay, would it. And while were at it, what are our troops doing without body armour, other vital equipment, amunition, fuel, and spare parts in the first place, I'm thinking that a few heads may need to roll.