Monday, August 16

This is just about right

I was over at Sid's and saw this. He's right, whoever wrote this should be given a wider audience:
Salt Lake Tribune

2004-08-05 23:21:11.612

Police have determined that a young woman reported missing a couple of weeks ago was murdered. They say her husband did it. Even the suspect's family says he has confessed. He is in jail.
Hundreds of volunteers who were scouring the foothills and putting up posters have been thanked and sent home. Police are left to dig through the local landfill.
Incessant national media attention no longer serves any purpose.
Unlike the Elizabeth Smart case, there is no reason to hope that Lori Hacking will be spotted at a truck stop in North Platte, or a trailer park in Yakima, no point in spreading the all-points bulletin to everyone with a television set and a cell phone.
So, with all due respect and thanks, we have a simple message to the national media paratroops who have parachuted into Salt Lake City for another juicy story on a missing white woman:
Go away.
Wow, nuff said, I always wonder why I stumbled across the news that when Joe Scarborogh, presently of "Scarborough Country", was a congressman and during his last term a staffer was was found dead at his state congessional office. Ohh yes I remember now--the media paratroopers, were busy with Condit/Levy. He/She concludes with this observation:
But for so much of the talent, time and resources of our worldwide media to be spent on a story of strictly local importance displays no courage and little imagination. Instead, it is a symptom of a perverse laziness on the part of both the media and its audience.
So it's time for the circus to pack up and leave town. Don't worry. If anything happens, we'll let you know.

Go read the rest, it's not long, but it is good.